The VdTMoCA Foundation (UK) is a Community Interest Company, working as a not-for-profit organisation, for the benefit of the occupational therapy community. 

We are a small group of occupational therapists who work on a voluntary basis, so we need you to support us, so we can support you. Membership is just £15 a year and helps us to publish books, deliver free study days to our members, provide you with access to a large amount of resources and available literature. We also offer support and create networking opportunities for those new to the model and services in the process of embedding the model in to clinical practice. 

Please support us in becoming a member so we can continue to develop and grow the VdTMoCA throughout the UK. 

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  • Feb 09, 2020 by Tori

    Opportunities for networking

    In terms of ideas for the new website, does anyone have any ideas around creating opportunities for networking - particularly around interacting with clinicians working within a similar field of practice. We have opportunities for those within forensic services through the Special Interest Group (SIG) - however, I am just mindful of clinicians working other areas, or perhaps those working in isolation. 

    How could we create opportunities to interact remotely? 

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts. 

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