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The Vona Du Toit Model of Creative Ability: a practical guide to acute mental health occupational therapy practice


Sherwood W, White B, Wilson S, Lorkins M (2015). The Vona Du Toit Model of Creative Ability: a practical guide to acute mental health occupational therapy practice. London. Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability Foundation (UK) 

ISBN 978-1-78280-550-2

This is the first book to be published on the use of the model in the UK context.

Opening chapters explain fundamental concepts in the model in relation to UK practice and how to implement the model whilst considering theories of change. How the model was implemented into the Centre of Excellence in the model in Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is illustrated, supported by practical resources for you to use. Case examples illustrate how the OT process is guided by the VdTMoCA in adult acute inpatient mental health services, followed by a dedicated chapter on treatment planning and evaluation.

Although this book is written based on acute mental health practice, the content of this book has relevance and applicability in many other fields.

Full of practical resources for you to photocopy and use in your own practice. A4, printed in full colour throughout and bound to allow for photocopying.

A must have resource for every VdTMoCA occupational therapist and support worker.



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