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Patient Volition and Action in Occupational Therapy


A Patient Volition and Action in Occupational Therapy holds Vona du Toit’s original papers and presentations on the theory of creative ability, as it developed in the 1960s and 1970s; it contains Vona du Toit’s work in progress. The contemporary representation of that work, presented as a model of practice is in the Crouch and Alers text.



  • Initiative in occupational therapy (Dissertation)

  • Creative ability (Conference paper)

  • The restoration of activity participation leading to work participation (Conference paper)

  • The background theory related to creative ability which leads to work capacity (Paper)

  • The implementation of a programme aimed at evaluating the current level of creative ability in an individual and of stimulating the growth of his creative ability which leads to work

  • Capacity (Paper with focus on cerebral palsy)

  • An investigation into the correlation between volition and its expression in action (WFOT paper).

  • A personal experience, by Pieta Compaan

  • The South African model of creative participation, by Dain van der Reyden (WFOT paper)



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