New major text published

New major text published

This book has been co-published by

The Vona and Marie du Toit Foundation and the VdTMoCA Foundation (UK)


THE VONA DU TOIT MODEL OF CREATIVE ABILITY: Origins, Constructs, Principles and Application in Occupational Therapy (2019)
Editors: Dain van der Reyden, Daleen Casteleijn, Wendy Sherwood, Pat de Witt.
Publisher: Vona & Marie du Toit Foundation, Pretoria, South Africa.
ISBN: 978-0-620-84290-7

This major text is a landmark for the VdTMoCA, with 328-pages presenting the model in full for the first time. The contributors to the book are highly respected experts from South Africa, as well as two British authors, Dr Wendy Sherwood and Sarah Wilson. It provides much insight into the origins, development and theoretical basis of creative ability. In addition, there is detailed descriptions of the levels of creative ability illustrating the core constructs of the components of creative ability and their inter-connectedness. It provides detailed explanations of the assessment of creative ability and direct application to clinical practice. This is an essential resource for occupational therapists, support workers, students, educators and researchers, throughout the globe, presenting a culmination of knowledge and expertise developed from its first inception and its use in clinical practice during the last 40 years. 

It is an honour for the VdTMoCA Foundation (UK) to be part of this historical moment in the development of the model and we thank the Vona and Marie du Toit Foundation of South Africa. 


Chapter 1 - Background and origins of the Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability 1962-1974

Chapter 2 - Theoretical paradigms and influences underpinning the development of the Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability

Chapter 3 - The Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability core constructs and concepts

Chapter 4 - Creative Ability - its emergence and manifestation

Chapter 5 - Assessment of Creative Ability

Chapter 6 - Applying the VdTMoCA in treatment

Chapter 7 - International perspectives: an illustration of the VdTMoCA beyond South Africa



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