Welcome to our new website - please provide us with any of your ideas of what you would like to see in the website. 


Please tell us what you would like to gain from being a member of the VdTMoCA Foundation UK that we do not already provide. All ideas welcome. 


We have had many e-mails from lone working OT's trying to implement the VdTMoCA in to practice. If you are in this position or in a team able to support your fellow practitioners please contribute to this topic. We are constantly trying to make connections and create support mechanisms. 


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  • Feb 09, 2020 by Tori

    Opportunities for networking

    In terms of ideas for the new website, does anyone have any ideas around creating opportunities for networking - particularly around interacting with clinicians working within a similar field of practice. We have opportunities for those within forensic services through the Special Interest Group (SIG) - however, I am just mindful of clinicians working other areas, or perhaps those working in isolation. 

    How could we create opportunities to interact remotely? 

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts. 

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