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2014 VdTMoCA research priorities survey - make a difference to the model in the UK

The 2014 survey will inform a 5 year Research Strategy for the UK.  

OTs - Have your say and make a difference.

 Survey closes 29 September 2014.  Take part now


Welcome to the site of the VdT Model of Creative Ability Foundation (UK) Community Interest Company

The VdTMoCAF (UK) is a UK based not-for-profit community interest company which serves the community of occupational therapy practitioners and educators with an interest in the Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability (VdTMoCA). 

The VDTMoCA was developed by South African occupational therapist Vona du Toit  - see original papers and publications in 'Patient Volition and Action in Occupational Therapy' book published by the Vona & Marie du Toit Foundation, distributed in the UK by the VdT MoCAF (UK).  Reference material on the model is available in:

de Witt P (2005) Creative ability: a model for psychosocial occupational therapy IN R Crouch, V Alers (2005) Occupational therapy in psychiatry and mental health. London: Whurr Publishers Limited

Bryant et al (2014) (Eds) Creek's occupational therapy and mental health. 5th edition. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone. Chapter 17 'Creative activities'

Also see 'Patient volition and action in occupational therapy' publication distributed on-line by the Foundation (see below).

A UK-based book on the application of the model in mental health practice in the UK is in development by the VdTMoCA Foundation (UK), and a full text on the model is in development, led by the Vona & Marie du Toit Foundation in South Africa. Regular clinical up-dates on the model in practice plus interviews with experts and much more are published in 'Participation', the essential publication for keeping up-to-date.

News & Events

4th International VdT Model of Creative Ability conference

8 July 2015, Birmingham

The countdown has started!

Call for Abstracts and Early Bird bookings

- for more info see the News & Events page


Research & Development priorities survey - have your say

2014 survey of occupational therapists' perspectives of priorities for research and CPD in the model. Take part. Closes 29 September 2014.

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4th International VdT Model of Creative Ability conference, 8 July 2015

South African experts and inspiring practitioners from Japan are all set to join us for the 2015 international VdT MoCA conference in Birmingham

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VdTMoCA OTs get writing

OTs collaborate to start writing on the model for publication

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OTs' perspectives of the VdT MoCA

OTs' perspectives of the VdT MoCA

Members: Click here for results of the 2013 survey

Latest News & Events

Latest News & Events

The application of the VdT MoCA in practice is developing quickly. Find out the headline news here.

Latest Publication

2014 March

Participation is your essential publication for keeping up-to-date with the model in the UK and internationally.  If you haven't read this up-date, you are out of date!

This issue brings exciting national and international news and two...


'Patient Volition and Action in Occupational Therapy' contains Vona du Toit's original papers on the theory of creative ability plus a contemporary reflective case example of how the levels can relate to recovery, authored by a person with quadriplegia. An essential text. Available to purchase from the VdT MoCAF (UK)

Research and Networking

Research and Networking

Connections for participation.

Centres of Excellence

Centres of Excellence

Developing UK services as exemplars of the model in practice. Visit the first centre.

Training, CPD and Resources

Training, CPD and Resources

Find out how you can develop your creative ability.

In Global Contexts

In Global Contexts

The cross-national relevance of the VdT MoCA.

Assessment and Treatment

Assessment and Treatment

Assessment, Assessment recording tools and outcome measures