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UK research study in progress

Study title: 

What are Occupational Therapists' experiences of utilising the Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability: Creative Participation Assessment (VdTMoCA:CPA) in forensic mental health settings in the UK?

Charlotte Carpenter, OT, is undertaking this study in part fulfilment of an MSc at Oxford Brookes University.

Would you like to take part?

A participant information sheet with details of the study is available  - Participant Information sheet - Charlotte Carpenter's study

Should you wish to gain further information or to express willingness to participate, please email Charlotte Carpenter – 13012943@brookes.ac.uk



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News & Events

4th International VdT Model of Creative Ability conference

8 July 2015, Birmingham

 making connections,

making a difference


 The best VdTMoCA conference yet.  

A really inspiring day which was opened by a slide show highlighting some of the connections made between OTs internationally and a snippet of the difference made in occupational therapy.  The slide show is available and downloadable at: http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/wendy207381-2549397-making-difference-loop-proper/

Please note that this video is not available on Youtube because we prefer not to use a site that bombards people with adverts.  You can download the video but all rights are reserved and you are not permitted to upload it to any other site without the written permission of the VdTMoCA Foundation (UK).


The keynote speech and majority of presentations will become available in the members' forum.  Delegates also shared activity ideas and had a go at developing a visual graphic representation of the Theory of Creative Ability for the model. All to be filed in the members' forum. 



First UK book on the model now available!

The Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability: a practical guide for acute mental health occupational therapy practice

Full of practical resources.  Get your copy now

New slides available on the model


Freely accessible narrated slides on the VdTMoCA

Available on the CPD & Resources page as a pdf and at this link as a narrated, downloadable presentation http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/wendy207381-2549392-vdtmoca-foundation-uk-introduction-slides-2015-website/

Please note all rights reserved.  The video/slides cannot be uploaded to any other site without written permission from the VdTMoCAF (UK).



PDF of most accessible resources

A freely downloadable PDF of the most accessible VdTMoCA resources for students, educators and clinicians PDF of most accessible resources


Using the VdT Model of Creative Ability in forensic settings - first open day

This open day is for Occupational Therapists interested in the VdT Model of Creative Ability. We will explain how the model can be used effectively in a forensic setting, supporting highly challenging patients on their recovery journey.

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'Creating the evidence' - a new document sets out the priorities for research

'Creating the evidence: Research priorities for VdT Model of Creative Ability informed occupational therapy', foreword by Jennifer Creek, identifies the top priorities for researching the model in the UK

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Sherwood Research Grant awarded

The Sherwood Research Grant 2015 has been awarded to a UK Occupational Therapist

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OTs' perspectives of the VdT MoCA

OTs' perspectives of the VdT MoCA

Members: Click here for results of the 2013 survey

Research and Networking

Research and Networking

Connections for participation.

Centres of Excellence

Centres of Excellence

Developing UK services as exemplars of the model in practice. Visit the first centre.

Training, CPD and Resources

Training, CPD and Resources

Find out how you can develop your creative ability.

In Global Contexts

In Global Contexts

The cross-national relevance of the VdT MoCA.

Assessment and Treatment

Assessment and Treatment

Assessment, Assessment recording tools and outcome measures